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1. ATO enforces a strict "No Refunds" policy for all tournaments. If a player signs up for a tournament but chooses to withdraw, they will not be refunded their money. If an injury is the reason for withdrawal and a doctor’s note is provided, a credit for a future tournament will be granted.


2. ATO reserves the right to remove players from the A and/or B Division if their playing level is deemed too high. If a player is removed from a tournament, no refund will be guaranteed. ATO will handle these situations on a case-to-case basis and has full discretion on how to handle the situation.


3. Players are expected to be available to play whenever they are asked.  There will be absolutely no scheduling requests accommodated.


4. By registering for an ATO tournament, players are giving their consent for their picture/video image to be used for any ATO promotional material including but not limited to ATO website and social media.

5.  All players participating in ATO tournaments will be required to sign a liability waiver.


1. Players who register for ATO tournaments are expected to behave in a sportsmanlike manner. Physical or verbal abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.  ATO reserves the right to remove any player who doesn’t adhere to this policy and a lifetime ban may be given. No refund will be given if a player is expelled from a tournament.



2. Players will be given 5 minutes to warm up before their matches begin. When an ATO staff member calls time, players must start the game.


3. Players will call their own lines respectfully and give the benefit of doubt to an opponent if a ball is hard to call.If players find themselves in a situation where disagreements are happening on a regular basis, an ATO staff member or volunteer may be available to officiate the match, however this may not be possible.


4. ATO staff reserves the right to overrule line calls if they see the ball clearly. Players must accept the call and move on to the next point. Any arguments may lead to further disciplinary actions.


5. If a player shows up late for a match, ATO reserves the right to default the player and provide no refund.  ATO expects players to monitor the website for updates and be flexible with match times. It is entirely possible that match times may be switched for various reasons, players will need to understand this and cooperate.


6. Players must use the scorecards provided by ATO to avoid any disagreements that may arise. The serving player is responsible for calling out the score before every point. If a scoring disagreement takes place, the tournament director/ATO staff member will communicate with the players and trace back the score to a mutually agreed upon solution. Using score cards and calling out the score should eliminate any issues. 

1. In the event of a rain out, ATO will do its best to reschedule matches on the same day, however this may not be possible. Matches may be pushed back by hours or possibly a day depending on the severity of the weather.



2. ATO may be able to move some rained out tournament matches to RSC located at 1 Donald St. This is not guaranteed and will depend on court availability, players will need to be willing to change venues and play matches indoors if needed.


3. In the unfortunate event of a complete tournament rain out, a replacement weekend will be considered however not guaranteed. No refunds will be given however a credit for a future ATO tournament will be provided. The goal will always be to finish the tournament but unfortunately this is out of our hands.   


4. Players will be expected to monitor the website and/or twitter account that will be providing scheduling/weather updates for each tournament.


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